Spotify Redesign Focuses On Podcasts

Today, the company announced that it is rolling out a redesigned “Your Library” section of the Spotify App to paying subscribers. Beta testers have had this for quite some time in the app. This redesign is focused on bringing the podcasts experience to more users.

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Spotify previewed this design back in May to select press. Certain beta testers (including myself) got the chance to test and report on this design before the public release.

What’s New

With this update, users can easily swipe between the ‘Music’ and ‘Podcasts’ tab of the app. The podcast section also includes three new menus for better podcast management: Episodes, Downloads, and Shows.

The Episodes tab lets you start or resume podcasts from various creators and publishers. As you begin to scroll down, you’ll see some recommendations based on what you listen to and follow.

The Downloads tab is where you can manage podcasts and shows that you have downloaded.

The Shows tab lets you manage what you follow and what you’d like to see.


The Music tab has also been updated to allow you to manage and get your content. To get to Artists or Albums, you simply swipe. The redesign focuses less on video management as the company is majorly shifting towards all audio content.

This update is live for all Premium users beginning today.

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