Some Android phones are now listed on Apple’s Trade-In site

You’ve been able to trade in your Android device or an older iPhone in for a newer iPhone through Apple’s Trade In website. Today, Apple TLD has discovered that Apple will now offer you money off a new device if you trade in an Android phone.

The selection is limited, however, with only select Samsung and Google devices listed. Trading in a Note10 will get you a trade-in value of $340, the highest on this page, but if you’ve got a Galaxy S10 to S8, you can also get money off. If you own a Google device, Apple offers up to $130, from the Pixel 2 and upwards.

A new ‘Android’ tab is listed on the webpage, but we’ve only been able to see this on the United States website. Visiting the same page from doesn’t show the tab, which suggests it’s still rolling out globally or could be limited to the US.

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