Sketchy Rumor Claims AirPods 3 and Apple Music HiFi Plan Launching on May 18

According to a sketchy rumor from YouTuber Luke Miani, Apple will announce third-generation AirPods and a new HiFi tier for Apple Music on Tuesday 18th May.

The news is reportedly coming via a press release on Apple’s website. It will see the introduction of refreshed AirPods, which are expected to have a smaller, in-ear design with touch gestures and improved sound quality.

The report also claims that a brand new HiFi (high-fidelity) Apple Music tier will be announced on the same day. A report from earlier this month suggested that it will cost the same $9.99 as the current Apple Music plan but specifics, like if it will be an additional cost, remain unknown.

In 2019, Apple announced AirPods Pro via a press release on the Newsroom, followed by AirPods Max late last year, so it is plausible that new AirPods 3 arrive via an online refresh.

However, Miani has no track record and this information could be based off of reports floating around online from less reputable sources.

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