Pulse – Live Trivia Games launches for iOS and Android

During the time of quarantine, families are stuck at home practicing social distancing and not going out into the world. (Which is a good thing so everyone stays safe) After some time of being trapped in the house, boredom begins to rise and family members of all ages are left without something to do. Pulse has just launched on to the App Store and Google Play and will provide entertainment to those quarantining.

Pulse goes live on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s. They also noted that they do plan to have surprise games at random times so be sure to keep an eye on the in app schedule and on your notifications. Pulse goes live at 8:30PM EST on every game day except for Friday when they go live at 10:30PM EST.

Pulse Dashboard – Showing Games, Schedule, and More Tools

They offer various game formats such as Classic Trivia, Sports Trivia, After Hours, and Majority Wins.

While there may not be a prize for the games, it is really fun to participate and see if you can win. The entire staff of Pulse are teenagers. The host, developers, producer, etc. It is really cool to see what great things people have created during quarantine.

It’s a really fun time and we hope that you download the iOS app and give it a try!

Download for iOS and Android here: get.pulsega.me

Stay safe from everyone here at Apple TLD and see you on Pulse!

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