Pulse – Live Trivia launches on Desktop, following iOS and Android apps

Pulse – Live Trivia Games is a free mobile app that allows you to play trivia games every Monday at 8:30 PM EST. Until today, Pulse has been available on iOS and Android devices only. The Pulse team is excited to announce that Pulse is now available on desktop! You can download the mobile apps by going to their official website here and tapping your platform: https://pulsega.me

To play on a computer, you can easily access the new web inferface by going to this website on desktop: app.pulsega.me

Pulse is free to play, and always will be. At this time, they offer you 10 brain puzzling questions, and when answered correctly give you a chance to win. They plan to offer cash prizes to all users in the near future.

On mobile, you can create a free account by signing up with Google or your phone number. On desktop, you create an account using an email and password method. These methods will be used on all platforms in the future.

Don’t forget to create a free account and claim the top spot on the Pulse leaderboard! Pulse holds 1,000 players per game, so join early! See you every Monday at 8:30 PM EST.

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