Poll Results: How has macOS Catalina been for you?

It’s clear that there are two sides to the macOS Catalina debate – it’s either very buggy or perfectly fine. 42% of people said that the operating system was good, with only a few bugs. 12 people suggested that there were some bad bugs present.

Apple released macOS Catalina last year and it was a minor release with focus on Apple’s Project Catalyst platform (to port iPhone and iPad apps to the Mac), Voice Control and privacy and security improvements. However, subsequent releases have been buggy, with users reporting major compatibility issues and stability problems.

System crashes, issues with large file transfers and a handful of other issues have been apparent in recent releases of the operating system.

So, we want to know: How has macOS Catalina been for you? If you’ve updated, have you experienced any major bugs, data loss or other problems? Or has it been alright?

How has your experience been with macOS Catalina?

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