Jon Prosser: New iMac and AirPods ‘ready to ship’

Apple leaker Jon Prosser has said that a new iMac and AirPods are ready to ship but cannot confirm when the company plans to do this.

In his tweet, Prosser suggests Apple could release them at any time and does not know an exact date. Previous to this, Jon accurately predicted the iPhone SE launch date and Monday’s MacBook Pro 13-inch refresh.

Amid all rumours, it’s unclear as to what model of AirPods could be announced. It’s unlikely to be refreshed AirPods Pro, but could be a new AirPods X or Lite, which are supposedly built for athletes and will start at $199.

The iMac received a minor refresh last year, and could well see a spec bump again, but Apple could also increase the screen size and reduce the bezels. Jon hasn’t confirmed what changes Apple plans to make to its much-loved desktop.

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It’s very likely that Apple will announce the updates through a press release, although there’s always a chance new products could be revealed at WWDC 2020, starting on June 22nd.

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