Minecraft Pocket Edition to drop support for iOS 10 and below

The developers of the video game Minecraft have announced that the game will no longer work support older versions of popular operating systems, including Apple’s iOS. In a blog post, the company revealed that users on iOS 10 or below will no longer receive updates or support for the app.

Users can “continue playing Minecraft” and “keep building in your world” and “Marketplace purchases (including Minecoins) will continue to be available”.

Minecraft will no longer support or receive updates on Gear VR, Windows 10 Mobile and Android devices that have “less than 768MB of RAM”. On PCs with video cards that support DirectX 10.1 and below, Minecraft Windows 10 Edition or Java will no longer be supported.

The changes come into effect in October 2020 but won’t affect a large number of players. You can download Minecraft for iOS 11 and later from the App Store, for $6.99

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