Microsoft relaunching Office apps for iOS and web with all-new designs

Microsoft has teased what it’s calling the ‘future vision’ of Microsoft 365 with major overhauls to the user interfaces of the suite of apps that make up the service. The changes will apply to the web version of the Office apps and iOS/iPadOS applications.

Each app will soon focus less on branding and colours and more on simplified navigation. The ribbon, available in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, will be replaced with a contextual toolbar. The changes will roll out within the next few years, as Microsoft looks to improve the basic designs., for example, will gain a mostly-white interface with less focus on the service’s classic blue branding. It, along with all other apps, will get the improved search bar to quickly search across Microsoft 365.

We’ll further advance our seamless, cross-suite Search to bring relevant information to your fingertips, and myriad forthcoming experiences will leverage Fluid Frameworks. Microsoft 365 will bring the power of Office to wherever you are, ensuring you won’t need to interrupt your creative process to open a different tool.

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