Microsoft announces redesigned interface for Xbox software and apps

Microsoft has publicly revealed an improved user interface for its Xbox consoles and apps. The new UI, which is set to rolling out “in the coming weeks” sports new fonts, icons, shapes and “illustration styles”.

Whilst the overall look and feel will be similar, Microsoft has put an emphasis on rounded corners and will use a new font for some aspects of the Xbox software. The changes make text easier to read and “elements on screen easier to understand at a glance”.

The company claims that the home screen loads up to 50% faster after rebooting your Xbox and is nearly a third faster when “returning from a game”. Jonathan Hildebrandt, Principal Program Manager of Xbox Experience, says “we’ve streamlined every aspect of getting into your games, from discovering your next favourite game to getting together with friends and family”.

Microsoft is also updating the mobile apps to better integrate social experiences with Xbox. It will be easier, for example, to quickly share game clip to social media, or keep conversations flowing whilst on the go. Simplification is a huge step with the new Xbox Experience and everything from the UI of the mobile apps to the inclusion of all notifications in one new tab on Xbox consoles is part of that move.

The changes will be rolling out in the next few weeks ahead of the Xbox Series X launch in November.

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