Top 5 Most Helpful iOS Apps

Arrive Arrive is an amazing (and free) app that allows you to keep track of all of your online orders. You can put in a tracking number from any of over 400 supported carriers, and regularly get notifications about it’s status. The main screen gives you a great overview of all of your upcoming packages. Flush Flush is an app that shows you a map highlighting public restrooms nearby. It can be a great tool for traveling to new places, or just hanging out in the city. 1Password Remembering your passwords can be really challenging. 1Password is a great app…

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Our Experience with iOS 13

After watching WWDC19, I was quick to jump on Apple’s developer beta page and download the first iOS 13 beta. The new install process for iOS 13 only uses IPSW files instead of a simple over-the-air device profile, making the process a bit more tricky, and since it required that I install X-Code 11, it took quite some time as well. Experience At first the overall experience with iOS 13 was very different from what I was used to with iOS 12. It felt much snappier and very smooth. After a few days of diving deeper into iOS 13 and…

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