Leaker: New iPad to gain 5G, A14X and Mini-LED display next year

Apple is planning to release updated iPad Pro models in the first-half of 2021, Twitter account and reliable leaker L0vetodream says.

The new models are set to include a mini-LED display rather than the LCD seen on current models. This would include a boost in quality and brightness, similar to OLED. Apple is set to use mini-LED on the Apple Watch Series 7 and some Macs from next year, sources are saying.

It will have an A14X chip, an upgrade from the A12Z Bionic which was a minuscule upgrade from the previous generation iPad Pro. This could improve the graphical performance, but little information is available about this.

Leak Warning: Whilst this leaker has previously been reliable, we advise you not to read into this information too much. It certainly seems possible, and will likely happen, but it’s a bit early to confirm the details. Leak accuracy (estimation): 8.5/10

Finally, Snapdragon’s X55 5G model will be used to offer that new cellular technology in the iPads. This is capable of mmWave and sub-6GHz (which is generally slower than the former). It will be one of the first Apple devices to receive 5G, following from the iPhone 12’s lead this fall.

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