iPhone 9/SE 2 Reportedly Cancelled, For Now

The entire world is in a state of frenzy right now due to the increasing spread of Coronavirus. This has had a huge impact on the production factories of Apple in China, due to which it is being reported that this year’s iPhones could see their release dates shift from September. But according to YouTuber Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech, Apple has reportedly cancelled the launch of the cheaper iPhone 9/SE 2 which was supposed to be launched this Month.

Originally, Apple was planning to hold an event at the end of March to announce new products like a new iPad Pro and a cheaper iPhone. Due to coronavirus fears, Apple decided to not hold the event and was instead planning to launch their new products through website refreshes, like they did last year with the AirPods Pro and the 16-inch MacBook Pro. But if Jon Prosser’s sources are to be believed, Apple is holding back the launch of iPhone 9/SE 2, not because of production issues, as production was already in its final stages, but because of fears that the launch of a new product at a time where people are avoiding crowding at stores or public places, might lead to lacklustre sales. Therefore, for the time being, Apple is holding out on the release of the new iPhone and they won’t see the light of day, at least this month.

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