iPhone 12 and 12 mini will cost $30 more for some carriers

As first reported by The Verge, while the new iPhone 12 mini starts at $699 and iPhone 12 starts at $799, those prices are only for AT&T or Verizon devices. If you want a device that works with T-Mobile, Sprint, or is unlocked to use with any carrier, your new iPhone will cost $30 more on any of the storage configurations. The iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max series does not appear to have this sneaky price increase.

iPhone 12 and 12 mini | Apple

iPhone 12 will be available for preorder on October 16th, with a release on October 23rd. iPhone 12 mini will be available for preorder on November 6th, with a release on November 13th. This year, preorders will begin at 5AM Pacific. Regardless of your carrier, you can preorder or purchase your device on the same day as everyone else.

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