Leaked internal build of iOS 14 suggests call recording and confirms AirTags setup again

Left: Concept (Apple TLD) Right: Real Image

A leaked build of iOS 14 meant for internal use has been obtained by Twitter user Apple Internal Store, who has published screenshots of in-development features that could make their way into the final version of the operating system, due for beta in June.

Native call recording could be built in with iOS 14, as a new software page is suggesting that the feature can currently be enabled by users of the internal build. Whilst the final settings UI will look very much different, the image suggests Apple is working on the ability to record phone and FaceTime Audio calls.

Whilst we have no indication as to how this works, the early build indicates that call recording will need to be enabled from Settings. However, this could also be built directly into the Phone and FaceTime apps – a much more elegant solution.

The setup screen for B389 has been spotted again, after it was leaked by MacRumors. B389 is Apple’s codename for the unreleased AirTags, expected soon, which will be Tile competitors and let you quickly find an object you’ve stuck a tag to.

Here, we also see ‘Multi-User Setup’, but it’s important to indicate this is likely for prototyping and for developers working on the operating system, and will very likely remain an internal feature.

Finally, an ‘Enable New Features’ page, again meant for internal use, gives us a glimpse at how Apple could implement a ‘flag’ feature for turning experimental features on and off, as they were rumoured to do so a while back.

The first developer betas will be released on June 22nd after Apple unveils the software update at its online-only keynote on the same day. Excited? Let us know!

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