Instagram rolls out pronouns feature to profiles

Instagram has started to roll out a new customisation feature to personal accounts that will allow users to define up to four pronouns they prefer to be addressed by. The company announced the feature on Tuesday and says that it will be available in a few countries.

Apple TLD has been able to access the ability to add pronouns to a profile from a UK-based account, but not on one of our US-based team members’ profiles, suggesting the feature rollout is mixed.

You can add up to four pronouns, which will appear beside your name. To use the feature, tap on your profile, choose Edit Profile and Pronouns. You’ll need to pick from pre-defined ones, although filling out this form will request for a pronoun to be added.

Facebook has offered a similar feature, albeit limited to ‘he/him’ and ‘she/her’, since 2014. It’s not clear if other social media platforms plan to follow suite.

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