Here’s how Apple Park employees will return to work safely

Bloomberg is out with a new report that discusses how Apple employees will be returning back work at Apple Park and other offices in a safe and healthy manner. We’ve rounded up the main points from that report and it looks like employees will be met with a new reality for the near-future.

  • Temperature checks and COVID tests: nasal-swab tests for coronavirus will be optional but temperature checks are to be required. These will take place when employees arrive.
  • Limited numbers of people: Apple is reportedly limiting the amount of people in one office at once, and also limiting the number of people in an elevator from 10 to 2.
  • Reduced work hours at the office: most employees are still working from home for the majority of their hours, but some have returned part-time. Apple is gradually re-opening Apple Park and allowing more people in the building.
  • Masks: employees may be required to wear masks or face coverings in some areas of the building, such as shared break areas (which will also see major changes)

These changes come after Apple reacted prominently to the pandemic in order to protect the staff, employees and customers. It shut down all of its retail stores earlier this year and is now beginning to reopen them.

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