Hashflag for September 14 event goes live on Twitter

If you’ve been following Apple events for the past year, Apple has made it sort of a tradition to launch a hashflag titled “#AppleEvent” on Twitter a week or so prior to the events. Hashflags on Twitter have become more and more common, especially this year among users. As we previously reported in April, these are usually used for promoting or increasing hype among the target customers in a marketing campaign, here, mostly amongst Apple fans.

The #AppleEvent hashflag for the September 14 event, “California Streaming.”

As marketing firm Agency Creative claims, these hashflags cost upward a million US Dollars, which isn’t a small cost; but the fans and the hype often gets this to the trending page on Twitter and it pays off. Older hashflags of the Apple events can be found on this database.

At the September 14 event titled “California Streaming,” we expect to see the iPhone 13 series, the Apple Watch Series 7 with a redesign, possibly a new budget iPad and probably the next generation of AirPods/AirPods Pro devices.

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