Gurman: Safari to include Voice Search, Guest Mode and more changes

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Apple may be working on major new features for the Safari browser in iOS 14, with voice search, guest mode and other changes in the works. This is according to Mark Gurman, who listed the features in a tweet earlier today.

There could be changes coming to iCloud Keychain, including the ability to generate two-factor authentication codes and warn users when a password has been used multiple times.

Language translation for any website is set to be built into Safari for iPhone and iPad. This could translate webpages written in a different language automatically, or simply be available as an option. 9to5Mac also suggested this could be coming in a report earlier this year.

Other features include a ‘guest mode’ which could let you launch a Safari window with no browsing history or saved passwords, and voice search, presumably through the Voice Control or Siri functionality. Tab management could become easier with the iOS 14 update, too.

It’s important to understand that these features are based on a leaked build of iOS 14 from last year, so Apple’s development plans are likely different now.

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