Google’s AirPod competitor now in beta testing

AirDrop has always been limited to Apple’s own devices – it’s own of the perks of being ‘invested’ in the ecosystem. It allows you to wirelessly share images, documents, links and more between your iPhone, iPad and Mac, simply through Bluetooth.

Google is now developing its version, for Android devices. Called Nearby Share, the feature will work by finding other Android device through location and Bluetooth. It supports file sharing, links and photos.

After signing up to the Google Play Services beta from the Play Store, the Nearby Share option will appear in the Share Sheet on your device. It’s not clear when Google plans to release the feature for all Android devices.

If you’d rather not install a beta service on your phone, download the Files Go app from the Play Store. Produced by Google, it allows you to also share files wirelessly, and has since been updated to support faster 5GHz WiFi speeds.

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