Designer imagines revamped Slack and Twitter app for macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur will be a huge release for developers, notably because they’ll need to optimise their applications for the new user interface and icons introduced with the update. Many are working on just that and designer Jordan Singer has given us a look at what some popular apps could look like if they were remade for Big Sur.

He pictures the Twitter app with the redesigned sidebar and tabs, and a pop-out window for composing a tweet, with buttons to add polls and images. It looks native to macOS Big Sur, following the design guidelines that Apple sets out.

Slack is looking even better – the sidebar is separated into channels and links and uses Slack’s purple colour scheme. The whole UI looks more like a Mac app rather than web-based or cross-platform (like the current app) so it could be difficult to replicate just for macOS, but Singer’s effort is great.

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