Apple’s 2020 iPhone Lineup

As far as we know Apple will be releasing 5 new phones in 2020. Starting with the iPhone SE2 (iPhone 9) in March of 2020. The iPhone 9 will have 3GB of RAM, the A13 chip, have a 4.7 inch display, and will start at $499.

iPhone 12 Pro

There will be 4 phones in three sizes including 5.4″, 6.7″, and 6.1″ sizes. The Pro models will feature 5G connectivity, A14 Chip, triple-lens with a laser for. Ming-Chi Kuo believes that at least one new iPhone in 2020 will feature a smaller front camera lens for an improved screen to bezel ratio. Credit Suisse has said that Apple will introduce at least one new iPhone with no notch or Face ID in 2020. And Touch ID will rise from the dead and will have an under the screen Touch ID sensor. Not having Face ID personally will be a huge disappointment to me. A laser-powered time of flight 3D rear sensor. Mac Otakara also believes the 5.4 and lower-end 6.1-inch iPhones will feature dual-lens camera setups, while the 6.7-inch iPhone will feature a triple-lens camera design with larger sensors than the 11 Pro Max.

iPhone 12 Pro Navy Blue

What’s to Come in Apple’s Future

Apple designers are said to ultimately be aiming to remove most of the external ports and buttons on the iPhone for a clean, streamlined device. If wireless charging technology improves, Apple could potentially get rid of wired charging altogether, and just use wireless charging or better. And rumors indicate Apple will release an iPhone without a Lightning port in 2021.

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