Apple Watch Sleep application mentioned in official screenshots

For a while now, it has been rumoured that Apple would be working on a sleep-tracking functionality for the Apple Watch, and we’ve seen a limited sign of that until today. A MacRumors reader has spotted screenshots in the App Store that mention a ‘Sleep’ app.

Part of a Sleep application will include a toggle to set a Bedtime alarm – which, as of October 2019, can only be done using an iPhone or iPad and are not viewable or accessible on a Watch. However, this app is not expected to be released until late 2020, when Apple will likely ship sleep-tracking as a key feature of the Series 6.

Although, it’s obvious Apple’s working on sleep-tracking and sleep features, it’s not likely we’ll be seeing these this year, or even for the most of next year. For now, use a third-party tracker app such as Sleep++.

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