Apple Store employee fired for helping friend with a Mac

A longtime employee for Apple admitted he was fired due to a conflict of interest after helping an elderly friend with a computer. Ted Hodges wrote on Monday that he won’t be purchasing another Apple product or subscribing to another service, saying “If you don’t want me, I don’t want you”.

Hodges was reportedly approached by an elderly friend who wanted him to migrate his data over to a new iMac and didn’t want to leave it with Apple for up to five days. The company offers free data migration and Hodges claims he didn’t any ‘monetary compensation’.

Weeks later, it appears a boss at Apple had a discussion with Ted about the situation and told him that it was a conflict of interest, investigating the issue and then suspending the employee days later. He then received a letter from the company explaining he was fired.

Ted Hodges, who’s been “among the biggest Apple Evangelists” and an employee for 13 years said, in a blog post on his site LowEndMac:

I’m never buying a new Apple product again. I’m going to unsubscribe from all paid Apple Services. Because I won’t be buying any new Apple devices, I won’t ever need AppleCare or AppleCare+ again. I can easily build my own cloud storage instead of paying for extra iCloud storage. I can listen to music on services other than Apple Music. I can play games that are not on Apple Arcade. I can watch Television shows that aren’t on AppleTV+. I can get news from sources other than Apple News+. 

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