[Update: Likely False] Apple Imposing Police-Type Body Cams To Clamp Down on Leaks

Update #1: According to Mark Gurman, this claim from Prosser is “more made up nonsense” and “obviously” false information.

We will review our coverage of information shared by Jon Prosser to reduce the potential spread of outdated or false news and facts.

Apple is significantly clamping down on leaks of unreleased plans, according to Jon Prosser.

The company is rolling out police-style industry body cameras for specific teams of employees. The report claims the requirement won’t be enforced for each of Apple’s employees.

It’s unclear how employees are expected to use the body cams, and in the situations where they wouldn’t be required to use them. Furthermore, the report could simply be incorrect.

It comes as Apple has recently sent letters to high-profile leakers based in China and surrounding areas, and some render artists, too. Apple is attempting to reduce the number of leaks of unreleased products and software, something that seems to be working with the recent iOS 15 announcement going unspoiled.

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