Apple’s COVID-19 app updated, features CDC Symptoms and Cloth Mask Tips

The Apple developed, novel coronavirus COVID-19 screening app was updated on the 1st May 2020, the app was envisioned by Apple amidst the on-going global pandemic of COVID-19.

The latest version of the app includes the newer symptoms which can be an indication for the presence of coronavirus which include chills, shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, and new loss of smell or taste.

Apple COVID-19 App update

The update also includes tips to usage of cloth-made masks, including creating a mask, how to properly wear it and the technique for sanitising it.

Apple also made the updates released available on its website, which went online towards the end of March. Apple is working along with CDC, White House Coronavirus Task Force, and FEMA to screen for the coronavirus.

The tools provided by Apple lets users answer a series of questions on risk factors, recent exposure, and symptoms to receive CDC recommendations on the next steps that they need to take.

The screening tool is available to anyone who above 18 years of age and is in the United States. e Data privacy measures are introduced in the app and the data provided in the COVID-19 app and on the website is not shared with Apple, the CDC, or other government agencies ensuring the security.

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