Apple could launch a new app on Windows soon

Apple may be preparing to launch a new app on the Microsoft Store for Windows users, a new report by Aggiornamenti Lumia suggests. However, it’s not clear what app the company is planning to release.

It’s very likely going to be an app for Apple Music or Apple TV, especially seeing the huge expansion of the two services in the past year. Apple has bought the TV app to smart TVs and streaming sticks, the web (along with Apple Music) and all other Apple platforms.

Because the Mac has standalone apps for Apple Music, TV, News and Podcasts, it makes sense to offer this on Windows, rather than including only parts of those services in the nearly-dead iTunes, which has been killed off on macOS with the release of Catalina.

The app for Windows 10 will also be UWP-based – Universal Windows Platform – which means it can work on desktop computers as well as the Xbox, a huge platform for streaming apps now.

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