Apple announces AirPods Pro with new design, noise cancellation and more


Apple has announced the long-rumoured AirPods Pro with a new, in-ear design, noise cancellation and other improvements. They’ll be available on October 30th, with a high price tag of £249.

The new design is lighter and more flexible in the ear, due to the new variations of earbud that come as standard (large, medium and small). The smaller chassis also features new air ventilation systems with sweat and water resistance too. White is still the only colour that is available – although this is to keep the key, popular finish that is well known.

Two microphones detect external sound and work to cancel it out. Using this technology, you’ll also be able to listen to surrounding noise which will be fed back through the speaker to your ear.

Sound quality has improved and tunes the music you hear to the shape and style of your ear. We’ll need to wait for reviewers to get hands on with the product to compare this with the current generation.


Additionally, AirPods Pro come with a new, wider case that has built in wireless charging. The battery life should last for up to 24 hours with the case.

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