Amazon refreshes Echo with improved sound and new design

If you want to get into the Amazon Echo and Alexa lineup, you could purchase the baseline Echo Dot, which costs $50. The middle-line, next-best smart speaker is the Echo. A few weeks ago, Amazon announced a refreshed with numerous improvements, for the same price tag, and it’s now available to buy.

The previous, two year-old design has been ditched for a more fitting look, that matches the Echo Plus 2, released in 2018. It comes with a material finish, and additional colors. There’s a prominent rounded top, with volume buttons and the microphone mute.

Sound quality has been made better and is now closer to the Plus model. There’s a 360-degree sound, with some heavy bass and 3.0inch woofer and 0.8inch tweeter. Although the sound isn’t expected to have the same quality as Apple’s competing HomePod, it’s £/$100 cheaper and is a direct competitor to Google’s Home speakers.

The third-generation Amazon Echo is available to purchase now, for £89.99.

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