Code in iOS 13.4.5 beta points to a new iPhone with Touch ID, CarKey support and much more

The iPhone 9 has been in the new for a long time now and we are expecting an official announcement coming sometime soon, most probably somewhere in April, Today 9to5Mac found some references in the code of iOS 13.4.5 beta that mentions an iPhone with Touch ID that could gain the CarKey feature.

CarKey is an API that Apple is developing to allow users to use their iPhones and their apple watches to lock, unlock and start a car. And this time the code mentions the APIs compatibility with an iPhone that features Touch ID.

image Credits: 9to5Mac

As the iPhone 8 doesn’t have the combination of features that will allow CarKey to work on it, this code is definitely pointing to an iPhone with Touch ID that will be coming soon and will have CarKey as a feature.

All this adds to the speculation about the iPhone 9 releasing sometime this month. Please read our article that provides information about the latest developments in iPhone 9 release dates here.

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